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Pet Oxygen Mask Program

In one year alone, nearly 30,000 fire incidents were reported in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with almost half happening in residential homes. In order to ensure the proper care and safety of pets during these unfortunate occurrences, the MVMAC established the Pet Oxygen Mask Program to donate pet oxygen mask kits to every municipality in Massachusetts.

As of 2015, the MVMA is proud to announce that this program has been a huge success in Massachusetts and that we have accomplished our goal.

Thank you for all of your support and assistance in distributing these kits.

If you wish to obtain any additional kits for multiple fire houses or emergency medical services in your community, you may do so here.

It's easy. For your $100 donation the MVMA Charities will send a new Pet Oxygen Mask Kit to the recipient of your choice.

Equipping your community with these devices is a great comfort to a pet owner and may one day save your beloved furry friend.

READ MORE about how these masks work and how they have already saved the lives of animals in Massachusetts...


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